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School of Survival was founded with the intention of retaining and categorizing the skills and knowledge of human civilization. The world and universe around us is a complicated and chaotic place; our ability to overcome and tame the elements of nature in order to thrive has set us apart from the other sentient life on our planet.

The purpose of this endeavor is to document and ensure the survival of these methods by which we have tamed this world around us, so that all humanity may endure.

While we strive to ensure the validity, effectiveness and definitive nature of our articles and guides, they are ultimately the opinions and understanding of our organization and its individuals. We cannot be held responsible for anyone’s interpretation of our database; the articles, guides and general contents of which we offer as suggestions to the best of our knowledge and research. Use School of Survival at your own risk, and always exercise a degree of caution and logic when looking to interpret any instruction or design.

Some of the methods and processes we describe may be governed or regulated by regional laws depending on where you. Always check with any relevant local authorities in order to ascertain whether or not you are permitted to carry out these operations and procedures in your country, city, town or region.

For more information about our legal position on responsibility, please refer to our Terms of Use. For information about our claim to the content on our website and other properties, please read up on our Privacy Conditions.