The Tesla Powerwall is considered to be a revolutionary new device that can change the way that we power the world, but did you know that it uses the most basic of principles in which we harness the power of stored electricity? Batteries are batteries, and placing them in array will always compound the amount of power they can yield. While Elon Musk and Tesla may have their own very powerful lithium batteries to array in the commercial model, here we can show you how to build your own Tesla Powerwall using common rechargeable batteries.


Tesla Powerwall batteries sell for up to $3500, but according to YouTuber JehuGarcia you can build one at home for approximately $300 using lithium batteries and some simple materials. Take a look at his video to find out how to build your own Tesla Powerwall, for $300. While we do discuss the basics of storing electricity building your own battery here, this is a specific tutorial on how to array existing lithium batteries together in order to build a single, super battery!

You Will Need to build your own Tesla Powerwall:

Laptop Batteries


18650 Sized Lithium Batteries (like AA-sized)

Even More Powerful and Cheaper 18650 Sized Lithium Batteries

18650 Holders

Copper Bus Bars

Cell Fuse Wire

Juicebox 40A Plug-In Electric Charger

Everything is available in our store. Depending on whether you can dig up old laptop batteries or not, the 18650 batteries may cost you a bit more than your $300 budget, but it looks really cool. You can build a system exactly like this for use in your home or RV.. anything you want really.

Remember to go back and read up on the basics of storing electricity. With a sound knowledge of how electricity actually works, and how we can harness it from storage, you are sure to enjoy the massive benefits it provides. This DIY Tesla Powerwall is a great example of the power of arrayed batteries, whether they be potatoes or lithium batteries from old laptop computers!