From basic first-aid to amateur surgery; it can pay off big to understand at least a little bit about what to do before you find yourself having to do it.

The Basics of Making Soap

Making soap can be a lot of things; useful, dangerous, and fun. What is Soap? We use it to clean stuff, meaning we wash things with soap in order to get dirty undesirables...

Producing your own Ethanol

Ethanol is by definition an ethyl alcohol which is produced when sugars are fermented by yeast. For humans it can be an intoxicating drug, but in general it is a volatile,...

The Basics of Making Eyeglasses

It is believed that eyeglasses first appeared in Italy in the late 1200's (not long after the invention of the magnifying glass) and took the world by storm. After centuries of individuals observing...

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How to Make Beeswax from Honeycomb

Beeswax is awesome - it can be used for woodworking to healthcare and skin products in addition to making a great material for candles,...

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