Extreme Winter Survival

Kenton takes on a personal challenge of extreme winter survival and falling through the ice in snowshoes, then trying to survive a night in freezing temperatures with only a pocketknife as gear. No matches or other fire starters allowed.

Kenton says, “Occasionally testing my edges like this is an important part of my life, helping me to refine skills, keep a good sense of humor, and put everyday challenges into perspective.”

Visit http://rewildu.com/classes/ for more extreme winter survival and unique educational opportunities in rewilding, wilderness skills, mindfulness, martial arts, primal fitness, homesteading, and more.

School of Survival

School of Survival is documenting, curating and archiving the most important skills and knowledge that we have gained as a species. If the world turned upside-down tomorrow, we want our database to be your new best friend.

Don’t worry about losing internet, we will soon have a mobile app for that, along with instructions on how you can keep it charged without a power grid.

We believe the modern world has created a future problem in that we no longer teach our most valuable knowledge as a society. Children are raised to sit at desks on a computer all day. The last century has brought wonderful technological innovation, but we are forgetting about the rest. Knowing how to program computers in Java script is as important as knowing how to harvest vegetables from a garden.

This isn’t (only) about survivalism, it’s about the survival of knowledge and human civilization.  Take some time to browse our articles, search for something specific, or browse our Survival Store.

We are looking to spread the word and make available the most basic concepts that have contributed to our great civilization on a whole.

Science, safety, bush-craft, economics, fabrication, animals, farming, clothing, combat, communication, technology, construction, metallurgy, doomsday preparation, electronics, energy, engineering, food, government, hygiene, health, navigation, recreation, social guidance, trade, transportation, media and water.

Be ready for anything from alien invasion to zombie apocalypse – earthquake to global warming – radioactive fallout to economic disaster.

Learn something important everyday at School of Survival – Civilization Made Simple.

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