Germinating seeds is as simple as letting nature take its course. Much like letting an egg hatch; all you need to do is provide acceptable conditions and nature takes care of the rest.

Germination is simply the process of a plant growing out of a seed. At this stage, we already have the seed, so all we have to do is provide it with the means to grow. If you have been living in a place with no plants, then you may not know that all seeds need to grow is soil, water and light (mostly for warmth until it actually sprouts).

If you simply consider where the plant would have grown naturally in the wild, these conditions are the ideal way to allow the seed to germinate in. If you cannot plant the seed in a kind of place you would find the adult plant, then try to replicate it. Again, generally they all need the same things; soil, water and periodic light (like the sun provides).

If you want to look at best practices and get technical, follow some of the following guidelines.

  • You can use a common seed container to germinate seeds individually for easy planting later.
  • Plan out when to germinate seeds based on what time of year you are looking to plant; if you live in a region that experiences cold winters, start germinating in the spring, not end of summer.
  • Try to obtain seeds less than 2 years old, and bury them just barely beneath the surface of the soil.
  • If soil is not available, use something similar and moist, like shredded, wet paper.
  • If you can’t plant outside under the sun, try to simulate the sun’s cycles. Daily exposure to sun is what Earth’s plants are made for. To keep it simple, germinate outdoors in a sheltered area.
  • Keep plant-eating parasites and insects away.

You can use a variety of fertilizer in the soil in order to increase the nutrients exposed to the young plant. We suggest using compost and we can also teach you how to make it. There are several modern farming practices that have been developed in germinating seeds and growing plants, but for the most part the easiest thing has always been the natural thing. Let nature take its course. If you want to help nature along a little, we do sell seed propagators here. Propagators can help maintain temperature and humidity when these elements are not naturally agreeable for germination in a particular environment.