hey guys
in this video i am making a full tang sword from an old saw blade

any of the weapons on my channel are dangerous!
i hold no responsibility for any damage or injury caused if you try to re create these weapons.
if you do make these weapons be safe and always wear glasses when using them.
always use these weapons in a safe and controlled environment where no one is in danger because of your actions!
don’t be an idiot!
there may be dangers that i am no aware about when making these weapons.
I make these weapons because i am interested in the methods and engineering of them but i am NOT at all interested in using them for hunting or hurting people! (but they may be useful in the coming zombie apocalypse!)

This is a video is promoted by a collaboration with theartofweapons and MyGunfreak`s Channel. Both channels persue the same goal and basically build similar things. If you whant to see more on the topic of the video please visit the two channels:

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