History and Origin

Cameroon Dwarf goat most popularly known as Pygmy goat originated in Africa and is mostly found in Western Africa. Northern Africa, East Africa, and South Western Africa have the similar breeds of Pygmy goats. This cute, exotic breed of goats is rare and due to its attractive nature, it exported to other countries. Their journey saw them being imported as zoo animals from Africa to Germany and Sweden.

Mostly displayed as exotic animals in the zoos of Germany and Sweden, Pygmy Goats were then transferred to the United Kingdom, Canada and then the United States of America. The dwarf goats were imported to United States in 1959 from Sweden. Due to their keenness to interact with adults and kids has made the extremely popular in zoos.

Peculiar Characteristics – What makes them different?

Characterized by an intermingling of dark and light hair, Pygmy goats are full of medium to long hair, females having a smaller or no beard while males have fully grown long beards. The colors form a pattern on the body, colors can be any. Hoofs, cannons, dorsal stripes, crown, and martingale are normally darker than the body coat.

Hair density varies with weather and climate. These dwarf goats are left to roam in African countries mostly and feed on grasses. Being grown in harsh conditions, Pygmy goats are disease resistant. Unlike other breeds, Pygmy goats are more likely to adapt, reproduce and survive in difficult conditions like extreme hot.

A valuable pet, milk and meat producer, Pygmy goats are not that small as the name suggests. These can grow large enough to the size of a large dog. They can touch the 120 lb mark and overfeeding makes them grow fat very easily causing health problems. Mostly used as an exotic show animal, dwarf goats are also a source of meat in some areas of Africa.

Raising and Caring

Pygmy goats make great pets because of their adaptable and friendly nature. According to Dr. R. Dean Scoggins, a veterinarian, Pygmy goats are better pets than dogs. Very docile and a great companion, Pygmy goats can be raised easily as they are extremely adaptable to most climates. Their diet is mostly green grass and grains.

Dwarf goats love to be in open areas and therefore should not be kept inside all the time. However, care must be taken to prevent them from predators because these can fall prey to predators. Pygmy goats love to bump and jump around and like to drink fresh water otherwise they won’t drink.

Feed them lukewarm foods and lukewarm water during winters, keep their place clean and free from drafts. Keep them warm during cold, treat them with a little respect and they would be a great companion to you. They need a companion which can be any other pet or maybe another one of its kind. They do not eat a lot and need very little space.