In real life, Ned Kelly was the leader of an infamous Australian renegade bank-robbing family. In a final shootout and standoff with police, Ned crafted a suit of nearly bulletproof armor from some metal he had at his disposal, and walked out guns blazing. Some say he was the original MacGyver… Australian filmmaker Yahoo Serious said he was a lot more.


In the 1993 box office flop Reckless Kelly, the protagonist Ned has to save his family’s island from bank foreclosure. When robbing bank’s isn’t bringing in enough cash, Ned turns to a career in Hollywood as an action star putting his gun-slinging skills to good, legal use. Eventually Ned gets his hands on a woman, and enough money to pay his family’s troubles away, but not before he has to take violent action against Australian bankers and Japanese land developers.


This is not a serious movie. There are sound effects to kangaroos bouncing, early 90’s fashion and music… even a dog that learns how to say “cornflakes”. The only reason it makes our list is because Ned Kelly is a survivor and then some. Bullets barely hurt him and penetrate only skin deep – but this prompts him to build a suit of armor out of a garbage can. At the very least, Ned Kelly is handy with a welding torch. By blocking some of the bullets with armor, Ned won’t have to spend nearly as much time picking them out of his skin. Big plus.


The other amazing thing that Ned has going for him is his motorcycle, which is also made out of garbage. While it periodically falls apart for little to no reason, Ned has an amazing ability to reassemble his bike from a literal pile of garbage into some kind of jet-powered super-machine in a matter of seconds, using only a small wrench. Having put this bad boy together in the first is an accomplishment in its own right, let alone being able to put it back together in pretty much every scene it appears in the film.

This film teaches us a lot of what not to do, and how not to behave. However one thing we can take away from this is an open mind to think outside the box. Just because the rest of society doesn’t rob banks or build suits out of garbage or manufacture their own unsafe vehicles which are definitely not street legal or registered… doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Shouldn’t do it, probably.

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