Columbia Survival Labels

survival labels 1

Columbia Sportswear has taken a proactive approach to not only offering an even better product; they are doing something extremely creative with the clothing tags which we normally cut off throw away.

Columbia Survival Labels from Selim Ünlüsoy on Vimeo.

In addition to serving as incredible marketing on behalf of Columbia Sportswear (with the assistance of Ogilvy, an ad agency), these survival labels actually make perfect, pocket-sized survival tools for anyone caught in the wild without. You can essentially purchase a jacket, put the tag in a pocket and wait for it to save your life one day.


Here we can offer you a breakdown of some of the first survival labels that will be hitting the stores with Columbia Sportswear soon.

Coffee Tool

survival labels 2

People love coffee and it goes with camping and survival like peas and carrots. This simple tag tears open to reveal a ready-packed coffee filter. Just pour hot water through it and you’ve got a cup of coffee! While it’s only good for a single cup of coffee, this label still doesn’t want to get tossed out; it doubles as a water filter once all that java is gone!

Sun Dial Tool

survival labels 3

This handy little pop-out can be turned into an accurately marked sun dial. If you find yourself without a watch or charged phone this will give you a much more accurate reading of the sun than by eye-judgement alone. Fantastic.

Handsaw Tool

survival labels 4

Can your other clothing labels saw through wood? The simple answer is no. The Columbia Survival Handsaw Label alone can actually saw through sticks and wood with a handy finger grip. You can even measure things up on a little ruler marked on the non-serrated side.

Fishing Tool

survival labels 5

This is probably our favorite of the Survival Labels revealed so far by Columbia. While many pocket-sized, survival-style emergency fishing kits are available on the market already, zero of them come built into clothing labels. From hooks to fishing line, weights and handle; this kit’s got it all!

All in all, it’s great to see major brands embrace survival preparation on every scale imaginable. Not that Columbia Sportswear isn’t already associated with excellent survival gear, but efforts like this will definitely help stress the importance of preparation to the masses.

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